Runners who didn't finish 2013 Boston Marathon scoop up added slots for 2014

Runners who have not completed the Boston Marathon last year, when he was interrupted by a terrorist attack , shovel more than half of the 9,000 additional entry points reserved to accommodate them, the organizers of the race on Sunday .
The Boston Athletic Association estimates that 5,624 runners were half way to the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 , when two bombs exploded , killing three people and bring the race to an abrupt end.
The organization by email to each of these brokers to inform them that they were eligible for enrollment period from August race number 118 of the race, and about 4,500 seats were full , spokesman Mark Davis said Sunday .

That still leaves 4,500 additional starting points available during regular registration opens on Monday , and the association plans to reach the maximum of 36,000 runners due to increased interest in the race.
" The FDA is aware of the significantly increased enrollment of 2014 Boston Marathon , " said executive director Tom Grilk . " Many people seem very happy to continue to support the community we have here , Boston . "
Alicia Wimberly , 34, has never run the Boston Marathon before, but said that the terrible events of the race last year " does not inspire me even more to want to qualify and run the Boston Marathon . "
On Sunday , he ran the Sioux Falls Marathon in three hours and 27 minutes , and 13 minutes less than the time needed to qualify by age and sex.
"It will be an emotional race in memory of the victims and also to show people that runners are strong," Wimberly said of his decision to enter the race in Boston this week.
Wimberly has been brought to the competition by tragedy, after running the New York Marathon in 2001 , less than two months after the terrorist attacks of September 11 . "It was crazy , I guess it will be similar with the same feelings ," he said .
When Wimberly ran in New York for 12 years, Missouri woman said she was "very nervous" security " , but New York has done a great job with preparing the world and security. Believe that Boston will to do the same " .
The Boston Athletic Association announced that spectators and riders this year will probably be invited to cooperate with additional security measures " related to transportation , luggage and other logistics. " Grilk thanked " the city officials , the city and State Cooperation and benefits needed for a special breed of this size and scope.