The Right Marrakesh Guide For the Jet Setter

I have travelled all over the world and the Lonely Planet guidebooks have helped me on most of my travels. One of my most recent adventures took me to Marrakesh and Lonely Planet Morocco has certainly helped make my vacation a very memorable one. It is absolutely the right Marrakesh guide for the jet setter.
It is particularly helpful for first-time visitors to the Red City since you would get the most recent up-to-date information about traveling in the country. Lonely Planet Morocco has been meticulously updated with a new content that focuses on female travelers as well as the essential information for the independent traveler with or without budget restrictions.
Most of my vacation was spent within Marrakesh since this city is a good jump-off point for visiting Moroccan attractions such as Fez and the Atlas Mountains and it is also a good location for finding accommodations and for experiencing the multiple facets of the culture in Morocco. Lonely Planet has been my guide throughout the whole affair and I was never frustrated with the results.
They have an updated list of luxury riads and hotels in Marrakesh as well as a list that would guide you to other budget friendly alternatives. I stayed at a luxury riad which was conveniently close to the Marrakesh city square and the souks. Lonely Planet Morocco also has a detailed map of the city which was as dependable as the GPS that led me to some of the secretly hidden attractions of the city.
I was more worried about not being able to communicate with the locals since I spoke very little French and not a word in Arabic. My worries were over when I found that Lonely Planet Morocco has dedicated a language section that includes Arabic, French, and Berber which are the commonly spoken languages. I know I looked silly looking through the pages and trying to say the words correctly but at least I did not get lost in Marrakesh.
This travel guide has a full-color section on the traditional Moroccan arts and craft, culture, an illustrated guide to Islamic architecture and even trekking routes and the necessary planning material for an expedition to the High Atlas and Rif Mountains. I honestly did not expect that it would even have an accurate guide to the wonderful birds of Morocco which I think is an excellent reference for avid bird watchers.
You could make the most out of your experience with Lonely Planet's complete guide to the ultimate dining, drinking, shopping and entertainment Marrakesh style! There are plenty of choices on restaurants, bars and a guide to the nightlife in Morocco. There is even a list of Festivals and events which is a good reference for setting the date of your next travel to Marrakesh.
Personally, I think the best thing about Lonely Planet Morocco is the practical information that would literally save your life. They have a list of places to avoid and the possible dangers that you might encounter such as getting robbed or pressured into buying something. It would really be great if they dedicated more pages and gave more specific details about the hassles of daily tourist life in Marrakesh and how to respond to these possible threats the right way.
Lonely Planet Morocco may not be that perfect but it is the right Marrakesh guide for the Jet Setter