Stretch on the Golden Beaches of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a country located on the island of Hispaniola. It is the second largest country in the Caribbean, both in terms of population and size. It is famous for its lush landscapes, lavish resorts and glorious coastlines.
The nation is usually warm throughout the year. January through March is the peak season. This is a great time to visit the place but be prepared to make reservations well in advance and pay higher prices as the area is busy and crowded. The months between June and November make up the off season. This is also the official hurricane season, with frequent storms. Most of the resorts shut down at this time. The only upside is that cheap tickets to Dominican Republic are available at this time. April to May is a good time to visit the country as the weather is exceptionally good and you may get pretty good deals.
Flights to Dominican Republic are served by many international airports, such as the Punta Cana International Airport and the Santa Domingo Airport. Therefore, finding cheap plane tickets is not difficult. October is usually the best month to get good airline deals. United, Air France and Air Canada fly some of the cheap flights to Dominican Republic.
Culture of the nation is made up of the customs of Taíno natives, Spanish colonists and African slaves. There are several groups divided on the basis of differences in class and education. Spaniard, Italian, French and African descent comprises the elite, whereas lower class includes Mulattoes. Food, music, family structure and religion have been influenced majorly by the European, Taíno and African cultural elements.
Owing to its diverse culture, Dominican cuisine has Spanish, African and Taíno influences predominant. The only way in which it differs from the cuisine of other Latin American countries is in the names of the dishes. One of the famous dishes of the nation is the mouth-watering breakfast dish which is made up of eggs and mashed, boiled plantain. Like Spain, Dominican Republic regards lunch to be the most important meal of the day. "La Bandera", which consists of meat and red beans topped on white rice, is among the most popular lunch dishes. Sancocho is another such delicacy made with seven types of meat. Native beverages of the country include rum, Mama Juana, jugos naturales and many others.
Music of the Dominican Republic is world famous, the most renowned style being meringue. It is based on the beats of drums, accordion, brass and corded instruments. Meringue also involves the influence of tambora, Latin percussion, piano or keyboard. Another popular form of music in the area is Bachata, which owes its origins to the rural neighborhoods of the country. It is often based on romantic stories of sadness and heartbreak.