Landing a Great Job on Maui

By Ryan Kalani

Aloha! If you have been to Maui, you understand what it means to "live aloha".

The Hawaiian island of Maui is the preferred vacation destination for its 2.1 million annual visitors. Newcomers quickly fall in love with the warm weather, picturesque beaches and laid back attitude. At some point during most vacations, thoughts turn to making Maui a more permanent residence. Understanding the employment landscape will help you determine whether you are simply dreaming about moving to Maui or are serious about relocating to this island paradise.

Maui - by the numbers

The 2010 government census provides a fresh look into how people live on Maui. The island holds 155,000 full time residents and 64,000 full time jobs. Since the economic downturn of 2008/9 (when unemployment reached 9.5%), things have mostly returned to normal and unemployment now stands at 5.2% (as of Dec 31, 2012). To the end of 2011, the top employing industries were hospitality (33% of all jobs), the retail sector (14%) and government (federal, state and county - 14%). The other 39% of jobs on Maui at the end of 2011 were Professional Services (10%), Private Health Care (8%), Construction (4%), Finance (4%), Agriculture (3%), Private Education (2%) and Technology (1%). Smaller sectors made up the difference.

How to Find a Six Figure Job on Maui

1. Buy a Franchise

Franchises are the ideal outlet for somebody who wants to be their own boss, but lacks experience in running their very own business. Buying into a franchise provides you with instant brand recognition, access to professional marketing materials, dedicated territorial rights for your business, an operations manual for running your business and a network of fellow entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges. There are two types of franchises you can buy - proven winners and everything else. If you have an opportunity to purchase the franchise of a brand you have never heard of before, run! You will want to stay with a name that is on Entrepreneur.com's the Top 500 Franchises.

2. The Digital Office

We are living in a truly remarkable time. The internet has changed the way people live and work. Both employees and entrepreneurs are able to work anywhere on the planet from virtual offices. For people with an affinity for technology, starting an online business and earning money online is easier than ever. It will take some time to grow an internet business, but if you have a year or two before you want to relocate, this could be something you want to research. There is money to be made in developing smartphone apps, launching affiliate marketing websites, writing articles, etc.

3. More Education

Maui has 6,400 jobs in the Professional Service sector and many more for experienced business executives. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants all fall at the top end of compensation on Maui. If these jobs are of interest, make sure that you have the educational requirements to apply. For some, it may mean going back to school. If you are an accredited professional, you can search for 6 figure jobs at the Maui Job Board.


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