Best Romantic Weekends: Temecula Wineries

By Philip Vonwrede

While the quality of wine produced at Temecula wineries has been improving slowly with time, it is yet to hit world class wine quality. Nevertheless, this wine region continues to receive Disneyland level crowds of people during weekends as people from all over come to Temecula for wine tasting visits. These wineries enjoys a great advantage thanks to their close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego which makes their tasting rooms some of the highly visited every year. Below are some of the top wineries that define the Temecula region.

South Coast Winery and Resort

This is one of the biggest if not the biggest winery in Temecula wineries in terms of facilities and wine production. The winery also has a resort/ hotel with great suites conspicuously set at the middle of their vineyards. South coast winery and resort has top amenities including a nice restaurant where you can enjoy delicious cuisine, pools and a spa. As far as wine is concerned, the winery is best known for the Wild Horse label they produce which is held in high regard in this region. Petite Syrah is perhaps the most enjoyable wine variety you can visit here.

Ponte Winery

The Ponte winery is a family owned vineyard estate located in the premier Temecula wineries in Southern California. They boast offering the best you can find in the Temecula region including top quality wine and wonderful foods as you spend your day relaxing at the country side. Their motto says, 'if you like it, it is good wine'.

Wiens Family Cellars

Of the many wineries in Temecula, Wiens is best known for the high quality red varietals of wines they produce. You can visit wiens family cellars for an ultimate wine experience in the country comprising of a patio picnic, tour in the vineyards and wine tasting. They aim at being the best producers of Bordeaux blend not just in Temecula only but all over the world.

Mount Palomar Winery

Mount Palomar Winery has been producing wines that have won several awards since 1969. Mount Palomar is one of the long time favorites in Temecula wineries, not just by the locals but also by distant visitors. The winery, citrus gloves and vineyards are located on a 315 acre land where guests can get the best breathtaking views as they admire the vineyards filled valley. The traditional facility for wine making continues to produce high quality wines and tasting bars which aim at enhancing lives of guests and friends with an exceptional and unique wine experience.

Maurice Car'rie Winery

Owned by Maurice and Budd, Maurice Car'rie Winery focuses on making world class wines which are ready for drinking at fairly early ages. Their 14 well known wine varieties are handcrafted and have continued to receive lots of accolades and awards in many different competitions. The tasting rooms offer the best experience you can wish for in wine tasting as you get to relax in the friendly and warm atmosphere, which among the top rated in Temecula wineries.

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