3 Important Lessons About Planes

By Roger Capparelli

Ever since the economy has been in a major downturn, many airlines have suffered greatly as people had to cut back on their long distance travel. In fact, a good number of airlines have had decided to merge together, while others have had to cease operations altogether. Nearly all of those that have survived up to this point have also had to change up how they run their businesses, scaling back the amenities they usually offer, eliminating various services, sometimes even consolidating flights. Given many of these changes, many people have found that business class flights now can provide considerable luxury at more affordable prices.

Before the effects of the recession really started to come down, airlines used to offer their passengers the choice of sitting in coach class, business class, or first class seating. However, since then, many of these have eliminated their first class seating, leaving the business class as the luxury seating option. Even as the business class still costs more than coach, passengers can now enjoy some first class amenities that are not offered in coach class but are now more affordable within business class. In fact, due to massive cutbacks, very often the only place to get any amenities at all is in business class, as many airlines do not offer any complimentary amenities at all as part of their coach class service.

The more comfortable seats and spacious seating arrangements, now at relatively lower prices, are some of the reasons why people will often choose business class over coach. This is especially important for frequent fliers and those that are on long international flights, where comfort might be the most important factor that determines whether it is a good or bad flight. A lot of the times, frequent and international fliers are also flying for business reasons and, as such, will need to get as much rest as possible during those incredibly long flights. Varying by airline, of course, business class passengers will be given either cradle seats, seats that lean back at angles, or seats that lie fully flat.

Though the number of amenities and services given to all flight classes have mostly been reduced, those offered as part of business class are often much valued and appreciated. Most people will first think of their food choices which, even when offered within coach class, will tend to be of significantly better variety and quality within business class seating. Business class passengers are also sometimes offered special check-in and boarding privileges, along with special seating areas in airport terminals. What makes these amenities even better for most passengers is the fact that many of these were once available only in first class but can now be enjoyed at lower prices within business class.

As a result of the economic recession, though it is slowly rebounding, most consumers now look to get as much as they can out of each dollar they spend. This is the reason why passengers are now taking advantage of the greater amenities being offered at affordable prices as part of business class flights.

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