The Time I Ate Guinea Pig in Peru

By Jonny Blair

On my travels round the globe I have tried many and various food types and will be detailing them regularly. In this report, I take you to Peru where I tried Guinea Pig! Also known as Cui.

Having been mind blown by the epic sight of Machu Picchu and having just finished the four day Inca Trail, we were all in good spirits. It's a magical place. Our tour guides invited us for lunch in a restaurant in Aguas Calientes in Peru. We were meeting at 3pm. It was Christmas Day. I was hungry and was hoping to try some local food.

When I was growing up our annual Christmas dinner was always of high importance. Like a highlight of the year. On this day I found a church in Aguas Calientes for lunch and after that it was time to head to the Peruvian restaurant for Christmas Dinner.

I had never eaten Guinea Pig in my life so I was looking immensely forward to it. Apparently Ecuador and Peru are the main places you can eat guinea pig - somewhat a delicacy. I love trying new food, but if I don't like it, to be honest I don't always finish it!

There were a couple of options with the Guinea Pig Christmas Dinner. The choices were either Cuy Al Horno which is Roasted Guinea Pig. This comes with potatoes, cheese and salad. There is also the option of Pepian de Cuy which is Stewed Guinea Pig and that one is topped with peanut sauce and comes with rice and spuds. The price of them both was 55 Soles. I went for the Roasted option as I like cheese. It was nice to be having potatoes on Christmas Day.

And soon my roasted guinea pig was here and ready to be eaten. Our table raised a toast to completing the Inca Trail and we all ate and drank to our hearts content.

OK so I tried the roasted guinea pig, but how was it? Well I really will try anything once, but I will not always try anything twice. It was nice and a good feed for my Christmas dinner but it's not the sort of thing I would want to eat regularly. It was well cooked and if I had to compare it - I'd say it tasted a bit like chicken. The meat is hard to find, especially in big chunks and you have to pick at the bones. But I did it and I almost finished it. It was then time for a few more celebratory beers after completing the Inca Trail. If you are in Peru, the guinea pig is worth a try. It might be your only chance!

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