Starting An Aircraft Charter Service

By Tamra Ferrell

Services that cater to facilitating flights not typically provided for by majority of airlines are referred to as air charters. These can usually be scheduled by corporations, travelers and government officials who are willing to pay more than how much they usually pay for regular flights. An aircraft charter charleston sc can offer passengers features such as tours, foods, drinks as well as business equipment access. If you are planning to start your own service business, know that there are prominent factors you need to account for.

Business plans are very important components for all businesses, regardless of type. It is important to have secondary services offered, along with information on startup capital, reflected on these. Making up most of business plans will usually be initial balance sheets. Future projections that would give the investors clear prospects of the financial substance of the companies must be reflected as well.

Financing is another business aspect that should be addressed. Most entrepreneurs will approach airplane enthusiasts, venture capital firms and banks for this. Banks will be able to offer loans that can finance all business essentials, from advertising, payroll to equipment. Prospective investors must be given copies of the business plans previously prepared. Presentations may also be held for them.

There may be requirements that will be essential for fulfill, such as construction permits and land leases. Many businessmen will reach out to regional airports in order to know of these details. Air charters will need leased lands for their runway space, offices and hangars. Airport authority should be informed of the construction of new facilities.

If you have a hard time finding some planes which you can use for your service, then consider approaching a reputable plane broker. Make sure that you will be informing the broker of the seating requirements, hangar capacity and budget limit you desire. Take the time to compare thoroughly the prices for both old and brand new planes. Determine all advantages and disadvantages they come along with as well.

Staffing shall follow next. It would do the business best if the professionals that will be hired are those with relevant experiences in the aviation field only. Pilots must be licensed, skilled and experienced in touring and conversing with passengers. Other employees that are essential for great services are mechanics, administrative assistants, ticket clerks and baggage handlers.

Certifications acquired from the FAA will also be very essential. Owners will need to provide lettering, initial mileage, as well as the plan dimensions intended to be used. FAA usually conducts evaluations that focus more on employee qualification, licensing and safety procedure. They do this to monitor all the airlines operating in the industry.

Flight plans may also need to be submitted to FAA. Flight plans will usually need to comprise details such as passenger capacity, speed, altitude and aircraft routes. These will be used in tracking the planes. Flight plans are also necessary to be updated regularly for new routes or altitude changes.

You will also need to have a reliable fuel supplier if you want to start your own aircraft charter charleston sc service. Establish a fuel contract with suppliers that are guaranteed to be reputable in the field. You contract should include volume discounts as well as how much you want delivered every month. Shop around first and secure the best pricing quote you can.

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