Haida Gwaii Adventure Tours And Travel Open Up A Magical Canadian Wonderland

By Kay William

If you are considering somewhere different and exciting to visit for your holidays, then it might well be a good idea to consider Haida Gwaii adventure tours and travel. Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of islands off the west coast of Canada, which were formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. The name translates in the language of the local first nation people, the Haida, as 'Islands of the People'.

The islands are undoubtedly remote, which gives them much of the wild appeal, yet they are only two hours or so by aeroplane from the large city of Vancouver, which makes getting there and back considerably easier than it might sound. Despite the remoteness, there is plenty of human life on the islands. The Haida people have plenty of cultural sites where visitors can explore local arts and culture, while the Haida Heritage Centre has won awards for its presentations.

But the archipelago also possesses massive appeal for visitors who want to be more adventurous. This is the only place in British Columbia where people can surf, for example. Canoeing, kayaking, sailing and fishing are also on offer around the lengthy coastlines of the archipelago, which has enough challenges and stimulating sites to keep the most adventurous visitors happy and excited.

For visitors who enjoy camping, there is plenty of space, and there are many excellent sites for campers across the islands. Most do expect campers to be self-sufficient though, so it is best to have some sort of woods and outdoors experience before booking a camping trip here. Camping opens up some of the more remote hiking trails across the islands, which really are well worth seeing, if you have the stamina and hiking ability.

You do not need to be a serious hiker to enjoy a walk through the woodlands though, and many visitors of an artistic bent enjoy simply contemplating the stillness and awe of the woodlands. There is an art route which can be followed around the archipelago. Many Haida artists find much of their inspiration from the wilderness, both maritime and land-based.

Wildlife remains one of the archipelago's main attractions, with bird life in particular very abundant. The islands form a part of the migratory route of many bird species, and the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to see some of them. Around 140 species of birds are resident or visit the area each year.

Fishermen also love to visit this archipelago, and there is a variety of boats for hire or charter in the region. Salmon and halibut are the main species which are hunted here, though every visitor should make a point of going after plentiful smaller prey too, like the local crabs. Baiting some traps and waiting for the tide to bring the tasty crabs in is a real treat.

Haida Gwaii adventure tours and travel open up some great possibilities for anyone who loves going somewhere off the beaten track. Whether you want to contemplate nature's beauty or get stuck into some thrilling activities, these islands offer superb facilities. Immersing yourself in nature is easy here.

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