Flying Colours Butterfly Centre

By Jonny Blair

You could be forgiven for thinking a "Butterfly Centre" is a boring way to spend an hour of your travel time. But then we ended up in this quality Butterfly Centre called "Flying Colours" as part of our tour round Bohol island in The Philippines. We were quite surprised by it!

It was my first time to visit a butterfly centre. So what actually happens here? First up the entry cost is 35 Philippine Pesos. Works out less than $1 US Dollar so paying it is not an issue. The price includes a guided tour - a lady basically tells you about butterflies, takes you round the sanctuary and helps you take photos.

First section you see a range of caterpillars and you can hold them. Despite having seen numerous caterpillars in my time, this was the first time to see a 'big' caterpillar. In glass boxes they have various stages of the caterpillar development - from being a caterpillar, to eating, to being housed in a cocoon to releasing themselves as butterflies! These were all live insects ready to become butterflies, the time it takes for the transformation varies but most of the ones we saw would take just over two weeks to go from caterpillar to butterfly.

We are then shown how big the largest moth is, and how large the biggest butterfly in The Philippines is. These are dead insects which have been preserved in a box. A few funny photo opportunities with butterfly wings follow...

Final part of the tour is basically for getting photos of butterflies. We had them on our noses, chins etc. for photos. It was a short and sweet tour but I really enjoyed it. These random moments of travel are what makes me tick and realise why I love a lifestyle of travel.

What is it? Flying Colours Butterfly Centre

Where is it? Bohol Island, Philippines

How to get there? Hire a car or bike might work out the best, but we got this visit included as part of a day long tour of Bohol.

Admission price - 35 Philippine Pesos

Nationalities Met - Philippeno

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