Effective Team Building Exercise For Everyone

By Carla Rossouw

Team building is one activity that every company has at least once a year. Many people believe that employees need to have a time to mingle and bond with each other. This will help them grow as individuals and as a team. Let's list down some of the activities being done in a team building event.

The first popular activity is named Two Truths and a Lie. This is done at the beginning of the event because it is a venue for members to know each other better. The rules of the game are simple. Every member has to lay out two truths and a lie about themselves. After sharing the three statements, the other members must vote and pick the statement that represents a lie. If you want the game to be more thrilling, you can give points and awards. However, the game is fun as it is and it will help the members open up and communicate more with each other.

Next activity is the existence highlights game. Because the title indicates, every member needs to share his best moments in existence towards the others. The mechanics are pretty straight forward. The participants receive a minutes to shut their eyes as well as reducing the very best moments they've familiar with their lives to date. Next, they're going to have to talk about the very best together team people. The truly amazing factor relating to this activity would be that the people will have the ability to share happy ideas with one another. They'll have the ability to share part of these questions very positive manner which could include their passion as well as their personas. This can be a very fun and galvanizing activity for everybody.

The third popular activity is the Pictures Pieces Game. The members will be grouped in several teams and each team will have puzzle pieces. The catch is that every member must have one puzzle piece which he has to recreate on a larger scale. They have to do this without knowing what picture they are going to piece together. This will encourage them to think not only about themselves but also their teammates. This will also boost their creativity and imagination. This will help them understand that whatever they do for the team - no matter what their task is- it will have a great impact on the larger picture.

Another activity is the Great Egg Drop. This activity will push the people for their limits if this involves creativeness and style. They have to produce a package that will contain the egg and it whole despite being dropped from the height of eight ft. This really is quite untidy but that's where all of the fun originates from. Before team drops their packed eggs, they're going to produce a short presentation regarding their package first. They have to convince the crowd why it's the best one - stating the highlights and also the strong points of the product.

Team building events are great for improving camaraderie among employees especially if it is done the right way. Let the participants enjoy while learning the core values included in the activities.

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